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Company Profile

Company Name Yamatune Corporation
Representative Representative Director Hiroyasu Ito
Address Head Office / Factory
Nagoya-Shi, Nakamura-Ku, Kami Ishikawa-Cho 1-54
TEL 052-411-5285 /
FAX 052-412-8337

Sales Division
Nagoya-Shi, Nakamura-Ku, Arawai-Cho 2-94
TEL 052-419-3120 /
FAX 052-419-3121
Foundation February 1963
Establishment February 1982
Capital ¥10,000,000
Line of Business Climbing socks, 5toe socks, gloves, hats, knitwear manufacturing and sales
Certification J∞QUALITY Certified company

Privacy Policy

YAMAtune COrporation (hereinafter referred to as either “Company”, “We”, “Us” or “Our”) has established the following privacy policy to promote the protection of personal information through the recognition of the importance of protecting personal information of all employees and by making thorough efforts to build a system of personal information protection.

Management of Personal Information The company has taken necessary measures to implement a security system that strictly manages personal information by training employees on how to securely maintain and manage the system in order to keep the personal information of our clients and customers accurate and up-to-date while preventing unauthorized access, loss, damage, alteration, and leakage of personal information.
Use of Personal Information The personal information provided from our clients and customers may be used to the extent necessary for the following purposes and will not be used for anything else, except where necessary on the basis of the law. The purpose of the use of the personal information will be clarified on an individual basis in advance when the personal information is provided by the client or customer.
  • In the case that we need to contact the client or customer
  • In the case of statistical analysis in order for the provision or improvement of our services and products
  • In order to deliver information related to products and services that would benefit our clients and customers
  • For use in any other of our company’s business activities after explicitly informing the client or customer on an individual basis
Prohibition of the Disclosure and Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties We will not disclose personal information to a third party and properly manage the personal information you have entrusted to us except in the case of the following.
  • In the case we have consent from the client or customer
  • In the case where in order to provide the service desired by the client or customer, we must disclose the information to suppliers and outsource the service.
  • In the case where we must disclose the information in accordance to the law.
  • In the case where the information is necessary to protect the client or customer’s life, health, or property, but it is difficult to obtain consent from the client or customer
  • In the case where the information is particularly necessary for the promotion of the improvement of the healthy growth of children or public health and it is difficult to obtain consent from the client or customer
  • In the case where it is necessary to cooperate with a national agency, the local government, or someone who has been commissioned to carry out the work stipulated by the law and there is the risk that obtaining consent from the client or customer may hinder the performance of the work
Safety Measures for Personal Information The company has taken all possible measures with security in order to insure the accuracy and safety of personal information.
Inquiries by the Client or Customer Themselves In the case where the client or customer wants their personal information queried, modified, or deleted, we will do so after confirming the identity of the client.
Laws and Regulations, Compliance and Review of the Norms The company will review the contents of this policy when appropriate and strives for its improvement in accordance to Japanese laws and regulations that apply to holding personal information, as well as compliance with other norms.
Contact Please contact us for any inquiries regarding our handling of personal information.

YAMAtune Corporation YAMAtune Daisetsuzan store
〒071-1424 Hokkaido, Kamikawa-Gun,
Higashikawa-Cho, Minamimachi 2-2-5
TEL: 0166-74-6388 / FAX: 0166-74-6980